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31 March 2008 @ 09:30 am
pbhiatus_fic 2008 Hiatus Challenge #1  
Hello everyone - we're back!

pbhiatus_fic is now officially reopened for business, and our first challenge is inspired by a line taken from the most recent interview with Matt Olmstead when talking about Season Four.

”We're jumping ahead a little bit in the timeline.”


2008 Hiatus Challenge #1: Flashforward Fever
What do I have to do?: Write a story about any character/s set during that jump forward in time. Once you’re ready to share your story (short, long or in-between) with the world, post it on your LJ (or wherever you normally post your fic), then post a link there in this thread. You’ll have two weeks for each challenge response. If you can’t make the deadline, please don’t stress. Let’s face it, a late story is better than no story.