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12 April 2008 @ 09:35 pm
2008 Hiatus Fic Challenge #2  
New at pbhiatus_fic:

2008 Hiatus Challenge #2: There's No Place Like Home 

What do I have to do?: Since all our PB characters are currently scattered to the winds, we'd like you to write a story depicting the theme of 'home'. This may include an actual homecoming, or simply a character's yearning for their interpretation of home.  Any genre, any character. Once you’re ready to share your story (short, long or in-between) with the world, post it on your LJ (or wherever you normally post your fic), then post a link here at the comm. As always, you’ll have two weeks for each challenge response, but if your dog eats your homework and you can’t make the deadline, don't worry. Let’s face it, a late story is better than no story.

Oh, and a quick public service announcement: In past challenges, there's been some confusion over the requirements an entered fic must meet. Basically, we're easy (oh, so, so many jokes at your disposal there). As long as your fic meets the theme of the challenge, is properly spell-checked and/or beta'ed, and has not been previously posted anywhere else (in keeping with the challenge aspect of our comm, we want them brand-spanking new), it's a go! Have fun, and if you have any other questions whatsoever, just post them here!