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04 March 2008 @ 03:21 pm
It’s time to play in someone else’s sandbox. Well, other than the sandbox of the Prison Break powers that be that is. Thanks to thelana for the idea for this month’s challenge.

This challenge is all about writing a fic in someone else’s universe. We all have our favorite series or favorite fics that beg for a fic to be written about a certain character, scene, line, etc… Or maybe you’re an author who’s created a universe and you want to write another fic in it but just can’t get there. Well, this is the challenge for you.

If you are a reader of a particular universe, I highly recommend asking the author first just to be sure it's okay before you start writing. This is challenge is to meant to be fun so just make sure everyone is on the same page. If you are an author of a particular universe, post your plot bunny in the comments, along with a link to the series or fic, so someone can claim it. It’s first come first serve to the plot bunnies. Once your fic has been finished, post a link to it here.
03 March 2008 @ 07:10 pm
February Challenge Finale!

It’s time! The challenge is finally over and the winner has been drawn. Thanks to all of your enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work, this challenge generated . . . .

53 fics!!!

You all are amazing! And what an incredible variety of wonderful stories! Angst, fluff, dark!fic, humor, smut, action, gen, slash, het, pwp, kid!fic, non-con, 3somes, cross-dressing, rare pairs and old favorites, and so many different takes on the pairings.

But here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

The winner of the foxriver_fic February 40 Fics Challenge Prize drawing is:


email me at chanchito_z @ sbcglobal . net (remove spaces) to get your goodies!

Only one person may have got the goodie bag, but we readers are the real winners of this challenge!

Thank you all so much for making this challenge a huge success! It has been a blast reading these and I look forward to finishing up - 53 fics! That’s a lot of reading, and it’s a great effort from some dedicated fans who are helping keep this fandom going with new, ever different and exciting fic!

I thought this challenge might generate a few stories and be a nice way to “retire” as com mod, but I had absolutely no idea that these crazy pairs I’ve been dying for would actually inspire such spectacular stories. It’s been a lovely month and I thank you all for participating and sharing your talents with the rest of us! foxriver_fic com members rock!

Now, all of you - get out there and read the fic!

53 FICS FOR FEBRUARY!!Collapse )

Disclaimer: just because there are 53 fics doesn’t mean I’m going to agree to be 53 years old quite yet! ;)

Thanks again everyone!!!
Instead of packing, I’ve been doing fannish accounting! (because Prison Break comes first for the true fangrl...)

Here are the “points” standings as I’ve figured them for the February challenge. Please, please, please check and see if I’ve got your fics correct and comment if not. (I found a couple screw-ups already - don’t you fall prey to my senility!) Here's how points were calculated.

Drawing is Monday night at PB time - 7 p.m. Central - still time to squeak ‘em in at the submission post (and it would be a great kindness to include summaries/ pairings/ prompts/ points on any last minute additions as I won’t get to the computer until right before the deadline).

Can I just say that it is killing me to be listing and coding and calculating and referencing and writing names on little slips of paper when all I want to do is READ THESE AWESOME FICS?! Argghh!

Points StandingsCollapse )

The Prize!Collapse )

Names in a literal hat Collapse )

EDIT! Your fics MUST be posted to one of the com submission posts for me to find it and count it! Stick a link here if you want to. But I'm not scouring the interwebs for stories. I wish I had time to do that. Pleasepleaseplease post them to the com so I get a notification! Thanks!

A round-up of all challenge responses will be posted with the prize-winner. But we’re all winners because we get to enjoy these great stories! Thanks everyone!
29 February 2008 @ 04:25 pm
The March Challenge won't be posted until March 4 just so everyone can focus on the February Challenge. Good luck!
29 February 2008 @ 08:01 am
I meant to have this up yesterday, so sorry for the delay!

Today’s the last day of the month, but you still have time to participate in our February challenge! Amnesty weekend is in effect and fics aren’t due until Monday at 6 p.m. CST at the submission post. Get in on the drawing! (And no one has tackled Kid!Kellerman, Michael/Haywire, or T-Bag/his plastic hand yet - seriously, what are you people waiting for?)

I’m terribly behind in my reading trying to round all this up, but you don’t have to be, too! There’s some great fic being written for this challenge in every conceivable genre - check it out:

The most recent responses to our challengeCollapse )

Previous responses can be found here, here and here.

Also, here are the “points” standings so far. Points are numbers of times your name goes in the hat for the drawing.

PointsCollapse )

I will do another HUGE round up of all these great fics after the drawing including anything that gets posted this weekend and Monday. Points, of course, will be updated before the drawing.

I’ll see everyone Monday at 7 p.m. CST for the...dum dum dum...Grand Finale! Good Luck!
29 February 2008 @ 01:10 pm
*delurks* Hello, hello,

I'm looking for a short Alex/Michael fic I read some time ago - Alex asks Michael how he "ended up here" (they're in Sona and just had sex) and Michael replies, "I love my brother". You know, that way. I can't remember where I read it; rounds_of_kink; pbslash - I searched the archives, but no luck. Can any of you help out? Please?

Also - are there AU-ish type fics where Michael is not only a manipulating... I was gonna say sociopath..., but a manipulating power-bottom who uses his fine tail to get things he wants in Fox River / Sona? I'm craving that sort of fic. With all sorts of sick non-obvious pairings - like Michael/Guard!Bellick. Michael/Avocado. Michael/Lechero ("Hey Lechero, I need to use your phone."). I'm such a perv, I'll even take Michael/Pope.
25 February 2008 @ 08:08 am
Who's going to volunteer to begin this Wednesday's drabble tree?

How it works
One person is asked to begin the drabble tree by posting a drabble. Mods supply the prompt for the first drabble. People continue the tree by using the last word or phrase of the previous story to start their own drabble, also using the prompt. The branching drabbles are posted in the comments. More people then branch off from those new drabbles in the same way. The parameters can be altered.

The Prompt
This week's prompt comes from its_chase

Memories of a broken promise

Please let me know who wants to start this drabble? You'll need to post it on Wednesday in the comments here.
23 February 2008 @ 07:59 pm

That's right! You have *more* time to finish your fics or breed a plot bunny and dash off a quick fic to participate in our February challenge!

February is a short month, so we’re giving everyone next weekend to finish up. Besides we only need 10 more fics to reach our goal of 40! Let's get as close as we can!

The drawing for the prize will take place at 7 pm CST on Monday, March 3rd - (Prison Break viewing time). :D So you have until one hour before that - 6 pm CST to post your last-minute fics Here or at at the submission post .

Here are the most recent responses to our challenge Collapse )

Previous responses can be found here and here.

Check these great stories out! Even though the pairs and prompts may sound weird, you will be amazed and delighted with the way these participating authors have interpreted the challenge. There’s something for everyone in lots of different genres! Support the awesome writers who stepped up to this difficult challenge and show the PB love!
22 February 2008 @ 10:56 pm
 Well, these aren't technically plot bunnies. More like prompts. But I was sitting around and thought of them, figured maybe all you wonderful people might be inspired by one of them. And feel free to violently reprimand me if I was supposed to post this somewhere else.

1. Memories of a broken promise
2. High school sweethearts
3. Withdrawal symptoms
4. Too much to drink
5. A trip to the emergency room
6. Haunted by nightmares
7. Bound and gagged
8. Twenty four hours to live
9. His/her scent on your pillow
10. An empty bed
11. I'd do anything
12. A deal with the devil
13. Never again
14. Thunderstorms and power outages
15. Living two lives
16. Take my hand and walk with me
17. Sweatpants and sitcoms
18. Happy hour in Baja
19. Skeletons in the closet
20. Sweaty bodies

Feel free to leave a comment if you're inspired, leave a link to the fic, add to the list. Whatever you want. =]
23 February 2008 @ 12:06 am
Hello - I was directed here because I was told that I could give my poor, neglected plot bunny a loving home, and this one has been in existence in my mind for some time. Could someone write some T-Bag/Maytag slash fiction (is slash allowed here? I apologise if it isn't) about the items which Michael finds when he is rooting about beneath Maytag's mattress in "Allen"? They are a photograph of Maytag and two people whom I assume are his parents, a condom and a cigarette (there are some other things, but I cannot work out what they are - please feel free to include them!) If someone could somehow twist those into a 'T-Bag really does love Maytag' type fic, I will give them a year's supply of Jelly Tot cookies.