September 3rd, 2007

  • pamalax

A game of fan fic survival

Because I am all about PB fan fic writers doing things togetherer... especially when those things generate loads of great fan fic for the readers... I am proposing a fan fic writing game that would run through the first 10 weeks of the up coming season.

What game you ask?
** Come on! Didn't that subject give you a hint?

How about a little..
Prison break Fan fic SURVIVOR

Curious? Do you love a challenge?
If you want to know more ... look behind the cut!
Collapse )

So that's the deal!
Do you have questions?
Any thoughts as to whether you'd like to become a contestant... Survivor!

Episode Shakedown call-out

We still need volunteers to lead episode shakedown discussions for the final episodes of Season 2:
Sweet Caroline, Panama, Fin Del Camino, Sona, and the Second episode of Season 3, airing Sept. 24.

Sweet Caroline and Panama repeat tonight in the US, and the other two are next Monday. If you would like to lead an episode related discussion after they show, please drop a comment here. Anyone is eligible and qualified. Any ep-related discussion is good, it doesn't have to be super-Meta! For more info on Episode Shakedowns, you can go here. And for inspiration on how much fun good discussion can be, check out the most recent Devil's Advocate post. See? Sign up!