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01 April 2008 @ 03:27 pm
It's April Fool's Day!  
So fool us into thinking what’s not canon is canon.

Recently, I’ve been given some lovely “what if” plot bunnies and it made me consider more. This challenge is to write a “what if” story where canon is canon except for the small twist of “what if.” Call it AU, AR, or what have you, it's all about "what if." The “what if” you consider may alter canon only a little, or it may make sweeping changes. It’s up to you what you do with your “what if.”

There are a few examples of “what ifs” to choose from behind the cut. Feel free to claim any. If you come up with more “what ifs” you can leave them in a comment for others to take. And if you can’t come up with an entire fic, feel free to just comment with some wild speculation!

What if Westmoreland hadn’t died and went on the run with the rest of the cons?

What if Michael hadn’t saved Sara during the riots?

What if Tweener had led Mahone to Michael and Linc?

What if Veronica hadn’t gone to Steadman’s house alone, but called the authorities instead?

What if Jane had gone with Linc, and Aldo had stayed with LJ?

What if T-Bag hadn’t killed that C.O. (Bob?) during the riot and he talked?

What if Kellerman hadn’t shot Mahone before Mahone shot either Michael or Lincoln?

What if Sara hadn’t left the door unlocked and all the cons were captured in the infirmary?

One I’d love to see:
What if Aldo had returned after Christina died, but he was only able to take Lincoln with him because he was older, and he left Michael to foster care alone.

What if Bellick made Avocado Michael’s cellie?

What if Veronica hadn’t left for law school in Texas?

What if Kellerman had captured LJ and used him as a hostage to force Aldo out of hiding?

What if Aldo had been caught for killing Michael’s foster father and the boys learned he was their father?

What if Sara began using again after the riot?

What if Sucre refused to go along with Michael’s plan of escape?

What if Christina hadn’t died?

What if Lincoln had married Lisa?

I’d like to see this, too:
What if Aldo hadn’t killed Michael’s step-father and Lincoln returned from juvie to find Michael still there and being abused?

What if Lincoln overdosed and almost died while Michael and Veronica were still in college?

What if Lincoln abandoned Lisa and LJ for years and Michael left school to take care of them?

What if Sara had managed to kill Kellerman on the train?

And one near and dear to my heart:
What if Michael figured out that Sucre was in distress during their last phone call and went to save him from Sona?

Got more?

The depressed optimist: SWC Uhm...lizparker6 on May 6th, 2008 10:30 am (UTC)
Sooo...what if this Sara used this friends feelings for her to ask him to break into his company a steal those plans for her? :)
What if this friend called Micaael had a drug problem, relusting in overdose?
I loooooove what ifs...:D

But you know, the plot bunny that keep returning and haunting me and on which I probably WILL act in the end is: What if Frank Tancredi did not die?

You know, I think I am correct when saying you like the special realtionship between mICHAEL and Lincoln and you like to explore various possibilities and aspects of their relationship, well, to me, such case is Sara and her father...

Althuogh I have a muuuch bigger problem ive been trying to solve and solved olny partially as to this day, how to make somebody who is gone alive credibily (though lets face it, in the eve of the past month, ANYTHING is possible)..hehe, still, the aspects I would like to explore are too much attached to things that happened in cannon and therefore its so tough, to find a way to keep him alive as well as go with the cannon on all other detials...and man is that HARD to think through...Everytime I solve a problem and say to myself - Hey, and what if..it went like this and this....?
Well, always another major problem occurs.
I am in the meantime thinking to just surrender and say - ppl, forget all of it, its just my universe and you will have to go with it..however, I wont leave me, since you HAVE TO explain a few things of sorts...so yeah, I am currently trying to solve these issues....hmm...its like with the rubic cube you know, when you manage one side, another one is already gone...damn.:)
Anyway, sorry to bother you with my bunnies...they are pretty unsettled these days...

Oh, my hamster lady says hi.

Oh, and I havent had the time to finish your story just yet, damn, I was SOOO close yesterday, had it already openend on my computer screen adn read first 2 sentences and bang, my mom needed som slave work done so who was home of all of her 3 kids? only poor lizzie...lol,so i spent creating some paper head-pieces and paper necklaces and paper-frog-shaped mask for her class (see she is a teacher) theater exhibit...
But I sure as hell will try to finish it later today and will let you know what I thing the next time I get online..which will be saturday probably....HELL NOOO!!*cries her eyes out in despair*