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Discussion: Rec Yourself!

Don’t be shy, step up and Rec Yourself.

Writers, what is the PB story you would offer to someone who could only read one of your Prison Break fanfics? Just one fic.

Comment with a link, but not just a link - you have to tell us why you think that one story best exemplifies you as an author.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the story that the most people liked or that had the most hits or awards. It might be the story that you felt showed your progress, or demonstrated your abilities best in some way. Maybe it was a story few read, but which you thought had the best characterization of a certain PB character. It could be the story that pushed you outside of your box and let you grow. It could be a story that meant something to you personally or which let you make a connection with readers that other stories didn’t. Perhaps it was just the first fic you ever posted or wrote. Maybe it was a story you struggled with and you are more proud of for having met a challenge.

Whatever the reason, include your explanation.

This discussion is about what makes a writer feel like she has succeeded. How do we measure for ourselves when we’ve done something well? What are we trying to convey when we write and how do we know when we have achieved it?

Rec yourself and discuss!
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