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Fox River Prison Library

Where inmates gather and talk about Prison Break fan fiction

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Prison Break Fan Fiction
foxriver_fic is now closed, but there are still great resources for reading and writing Prison Break Fic here. See our last Round Up Post to check it out!

Welcome to FoxRiver_Fic!

This is a forum for writers and non-writers alike to get together and enjoy everything there is about Prison Break fan fic.

The intent here is to be focused not just on the product, but also the process, whether that involves: writing, reading, researching, editing, or just plain enjoying PB fic. We welcome new members, anyone can join, and hopefully everyone will participate and make this a fun and active community for those who love Prison Break and fan fiction.

This com welcomes fans of every type of fan fic whether it be: gen, het, slash, or rpf.


What this com is not about:

This community is not for posting fic or for reccing fic. This community is not for posting news about the show, icons, fan mixes, gossip, spoilers, video clips, or general gabbery about the show. There are great coms and archives out there for that already. Please see the links.

So what is this com about?

Everything in between that’s related to Prison Break fan fiction!

That includes: Discussion about the process of story-telling from both writers’ and readers’ perspectives, plot bunnies and story ideas, beta requests and offers, resource offers and suggestions, level-headed critique and discussion, story challenges and writing exercises, announcements of fic exchanges or challenges on other coms, and anything else related to Prison Break fan fiction.

Sign me up! How do I start posting?

Easy. Anyone can post if they’re a member, just click the button, then post away. We do ask that you use some common headers in your subject line and tags so that people can find your posts again for reference. Don’t let your words of wisdom get lost in the shuffle!

What we're doing here at the Fox River Prison Library

More PB fic is good! Let's encourage it. Every month, we'll have a moderator challenge, and an opportunity for com members to offer up challenges. Also, links to other challenges can be reposted here.

Meta or Discussion
This is any kind of discussion about the process of story-telling.

It includes long essays on grammar, short posts with people posting questions regarding how to approach themes, musings about style or technique, polls on whether readers like certain approaches, and generally, anything related to how we write and what we want to read. We even have a Devil's Advocate where volunteers can lead a discussion centering around a potentially controversial topic.

Drabble Detail
A drabble tree challenge (every other Wednesday). One person is asked to begin the drabble tree by posting a drabble. Mods supply the prompt for the first drabble. People continue the tree by using the last word or phrase of the prior story to start their own drabble, also using the prompt. The branching drabbles are posted in the comments. More people then branch off from those new drabbles in the same way. The parameters can be altered.

Bone Yard Challenge
The BY Challenge is an anonymous PWP/erotica drabble/short fic competition. We will have two challenges each month: one het, one slash. Each challenge comes with a pair and a prompt that must be incorporated in the responses. This challenge will hopefully be a way of encouraging people to write erotic PB fiction. Newbies can try their hand at something different and old pros can hone their craft. It's also a way for readers to give their feedback for the ficlets and to enjoy what writers produce. The anon format allows a level playing field and hopefully will encourage participation. Writers can even remain anon if they choose. What we're looking for is just a steamy little story.

We will post a request for willing authors who would like to have their works read and critiqued and for someone to lead the critique. It can be whole finished stories, works in progress, even a paragraph you're fighting with. The intent is to solicit information from readers that will help writers grow and improve. Honest critique is encouraged but flaming is not. Hopefully we’ll have a nice mix of readers and writers who will participate!

Beta Offers/Beta Requests
People who are willing to offer their services as beta readers are encouraged to post and specify what kind of fic and authors they are willing to work with and what kind of services they are willing to perform.

A running list will be kept of the Beta volunteers and reposted each month. The list is simply for ease of finding Betas in one place and no one should consider that when someone offers to beta that they are in any way obligated to do so. Remember: a beta is a gift. Respect the beta.

People who would like to solicit the services of a beta reader can contact people who have offered or post their requests and specify what type of fic they are working on, whether they’re under a deadline, and what kind of beta they are looking for. Requests will not be reposted, but hopefully, we can make many happy marriages and wonderful fic will result.

Guest Editorials
On the 21st of each month, a volunteer leads a discussion on writing or reading fiction. This can be a one-time thing or a series of posts. Com members can comment and engage in discussion with the “Editor.”

Technical and creative resources come in many forms and if you’ve got one, or are one, that can help a writer churn out the PB fic, let us know.

Are you an E.M.T. willing to offer your advice to an author on how to beat up Michael so it seems real? Are you a prison guard with all the inside scoop a writer could tap? Do you have a list of links to helpful grammar sites or tourism in Panama? Give it up!

Need someone to translate Spanish for your story? Wondering if there's anyone out there who could help you with the technical details you're writing about sailing? Ask away!

Plot Bunnies
People who have great ideas for a story, but don’t have the time or inclination to write it up can offer those plot bunnies up for adoption.

Throw them out in a post. A monthly round-up will be reposted in the Bunny Burrow to help these little critters find homes and display their adoptions. If you adopt one, feel free to comment and even provide a link to your story in the bunny post or the round-up. Just remember, you have no say in who grabs your bunny, and if it comes out blue and sporting fangs, or wearing a full-bunny tattoo, that’s all part of the fun!

Fic Search

Vaguely remember a story you read once but can't recall the name? Remember the name of the story but can't find it anywhere on-line? Looking for fic that deals with certain themes (such as stories where Michael is an addict, fic dealing with T-Bag's past, tales about Lincoln's cross-dressing), but had a hard time locating it? Post a Fic Search and ask your fellow com members to help you find the goodies.

This is not the place for general fic announcements like “I posted my story here, plz read and review,” no no no. But where there are fandom-wide fic challenges or exchanges for authors to participate in and readers to take advantage of, those are very welcome announcements. Also, new coms devoted to PB fanfic can be announced here. That sort of thing.

There’s probably other fic related gabbery that would be relevant to the community that isn’t already listed here. As long as it’s fic-centric, it’s probably okay. Feel free to email the mods if you have questions.

Feel free to email any suggestions. We welcome your input!

FoxRiver_Fic mods are:
chanchito_z and happywriter06 and recycledfaery
questions? email us at foxriverfic @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

~Thanks to eugis for the header and scribblecat for her great help in getting this com looking good!~

Obligatory legal discalimers
Flaming will not be tolerated. You flame - you will be banned.

You must be of legal age of majority in your jurisdiction to participate in any adult activities on this com. Your participation in com activities will be construed as an affirmation by you that you are of said legal age.

This community is in no way affiliated with Fox or Prison Break. Only such material is utilized by this com to facilitate discussion, critique, and educational analysis of Prison Break.